O'Halloran Lab

Department of Biological Sciences at The George Washington University


2018 to 2020
2015 to 2017


Damien O'Halloran

Associate Professor, Biology

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Francesca Pavia

Research Assistant, 2021-Present

Shannen Nicole Ubalde

M.S. candidate, Biology, 2021-Present

Haley Jetter

M.S. candidate, Biology, 2020-Present

Andrea Langeland

Ph.D. candidate, Biology, 2020-Present

Megan Liu

StemShip intern, 2018, 2019

Katrin Bode

Ph.D. candidate, Biology, 2017-Present

Reeham Motaher

Ph.D. candidate, Biology, 2015-2020

Ramesh Ratnappan

Postdoc, Biology/MITM, 2015-2018

Jonathan Vadnal

Research Assistant, Biology, 2015-2019

Vishal Sharma

Ph.D. candidate, Biology, 2012-2017

Isabel Uriagereka-Herburger

High-School Senior, 2016-2017

Julia Keegan

Senior Hons Thesis, 2015-2016

David Daniel

Undergraduate, 2014-2016

Yoseph Aldras

Senior Hons Thesis, 2013-2015

Chao He

Research Assistant, 2012-2015

Eric Brzozowski

Undergraduate, 2012-2013

Julian Sacca-Schaeffer

Undergraduate, 2012-2013

Zelda Mendelowitz

Undergraduate, 2012


BISC 2220: Developmental Neurobiology

Spring, 3cr

BISC 2320: Neural Circuits and Behavior

Fall, 3cr

B.S. Neuroscience

Dr. O'Halloran is the Director of the Neuroscience Major

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Lab Address: SEH 5490, 800 22nd St. N.W.

Office Address: SEH 6000B, 800 22nd St. N.W.

City: Washington DC

E-mail: damienoh[at]gwu[dot]edu



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